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Traveller's Log

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Traveller's Log was originally a series of blog entries following the adventures of Isis Claybourne in the science fiction universe of Traveller, which is a game developed by Marc Miller.  Those blog entries have been recorded into a series of podcasts.  You can now subscribe to the podcasts for free and listen to daily updates of Isis' audio journal as if it is occuring in real time.
Additional adventure podcasts are in the works, so check back often.

What's New?

4/4/06 - Podcast Loading
I'm having trouble loading the podcasts.  Please forgive the tardiness of some of the updates.  Some days the OurMedia site that hosts the cast will simply not allow me to upload at all.  I will upload podcasts and update the site as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience!

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"The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977 - 2005 Far Future Enterprises. "