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Traveller's Log Story line

Isis Claybourne's story begins on her home planet of Ganesh. As a telepath, she is outcast by the Imperium culture. While all forms of psionics are illegal, there are secret 'underground' psionics institutes. Isis hoped to discover one of these institutes while traveling through her region of space. So she said 'good-bye' to her friends and family and reported to the starport to find transportation.

Her first starship job was aboard the PARABUS, as the assistant to Lady Geriondsin. During the first leg of the journey, Lady Geriondsin is poisoned by one of the passengers. Isis' ability to read minds is discovered by Baron Dretrich, who forces Isis to locate the murderer among them. Baron Treewrich had killed Lady Geriondsin to possess the Grimola, a book written in ancient script and said to hold the Duke's family tree and the clues to finding a long hidden treasure.

Once the ship reached Catania, Isis slipped away. Her friend, Jinny, aboard the PARABUS advised her on how to qualify as a Sensor/Comm op and set her up with her first job aboard the MAGNUS. While on Catania, Isis is chased by Johnathan Pope, and in fleeing from him she misses her chance to leave with the MAGNUS.

Isis instead befriends a merc named Jolly, and he takes her under his wing. He gets her a job on board the STAR RAMMER, where he is stationed, as a Sensor/Comm Op. While there Isis learns a lot about her job and about fighting. She travels with the STAR RAMMER to Khalikkam where she helps the mercs stop a terrorist attack on their ship. They then travel to Dzadwahtyan in the Vegan District for repairs. Isis begins to find clues that Jolly and the captain have not been honest with her and are intending to betray her. It is not until they reach Zayeel that she manages to escape the STAR RAMMER.

After a narrow escape from Jolly and the other mercs, Isis gets a post on the DUCHESS, under Captain Jack Turner. She travels with them to Muan Kwoyen. Jolly catches up with them and blows up the DUCHESS. Jack and Isis fight to escape, possibly killing Jolly, and steal Jolly's stolen ship, the BRANDED. The ship breaks down and falls out of jump-space near Ganesh, Isis' homeworld.

While on Ganesh, Isis learns her friend Juwanda was kidnapped by Johnathan Pope and is being held as bait to get Isis to turn herself over to him. Isis and Jack travel on the BRANDED, now renamed to LIGHTFOOT, to Catania to find Pope and free Juwanda.

On Catania they pick up a small merc force and attack Pope's stronghold. Pope is killed and the discover he sold Juwanda as a slave to Baron Treewrich. They travel to Banasdan, trying to track Juwanda down.

As soon as the ship leaves jump-space near Banasdan, the ROYAL FALCON, Baron Treewrich's ship, intercepts them. Gray, the leader of the merc force working with Isis and Jack, pretends he brought Isis to Treewrich for the bounty. Isis becomes a prisoner on board the ROYAL FALCON, where she is reunited with her friend Juwanda. Juwanda has been forced to cooperate with the baron because of a 'loyalty chip' implanted in her chest. Isis gets a similiar device which clamps onto her arm. Isis and Juwanda have no choice but the help Treewrich look for the stole Grimola.

Isis soon learns that her friend from the PARABUS, Jinny, was the one who stole the Grimola. The ROYAL FALCON tracks the ship Jinny stole to Noricum, where they find the ship abandoned in a deep forest. A booby-trap on the ship lures a monsterous animal which looks like a dragon to attack the military force investigating the ship. Isis receives minor wounds. Juwanda is seriously injured and returned to ROYAL FALCON for medical care.

Isis uses her telepathy to discover that Jinny was working with a local politician called Randel. It is from him that Isis learns where Jinny is hiding, but she doesn't tell Treewrich. When Randel tries to have Isis arrested for illegal use of psionics, Isis escapes using her other psionic talent, teleportation. This also removed the arm band Treewrich had placed on her. It takes Isis a few days to recover from the teleportation and travel back to the port city. Unable to find Jack or the LIGHTFOOT, Isis attempts to free Juwanda from the ROYAL FALCON alone. Once on board she discovers that Jack and the other mercs are already hiding there looking for her. Isis gets Juwanda and they escape with Jack and the other mercs.

Back on board the LIGHTFOOT, which has been renamed the RIM RUNNER, Isis and the mercs flee to Pajang. Gray and half of the mercs use the information Isis discovered about Jinny's location and go back to Noricum to look for her. Meanwhile, Juwanda gets medical care and has her loyalty chip removed. Once removed, the chip signals the military and the Navy comes after Juwanda. They track her back to the RIM RUNNER, where they capture Jack. Abandoned by all her former crew mates except Herlioni, who is also a telepath, Isis planned to free Jack. Before she can, Jack is released. The Navy used a truth drug on him and a Naval Admiral hostile to Treewrich uses the information to go after the Baron.

Without a ship or a crew, Isis, Jack and Herlioni hit upon an idea to win enough money to buy a ship. They compete in the psionic underground's psionic games, but are eliminated in the third round. Gray returns, having found Jinny and they join him on the journey to take her to the Harlequin subsector on a ship he hired, called the CAPELLIAN.