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Main Characters From Traveller's Log

Isis Claybourne: Isis is our point of view character. By reading Traveller's Log we share in her adventures.

Baron Treewrich: He murdered Lady Geriondsin for the Grimola, but it slipped through his grasp. He enslaved both Juwanda and Isis for a short time while trying to track it down.

Cali Cuitim: owner of the Prime Dzadwahtyan Repair, which is the best starship repair company.

Captain Landom: Captain of the STAR RAMMER who tried to collect the bounty on Isis, but she escaped.

Cobalt: A merc working with Gray.

Dill: The navigator on the DUCHESS who is killed when the ship is destroyed by Jolly.

Fasdjinii (Call him "Jin,"): is a Vegan mobster that was part owner of the DUCHESS. He thinks Jack and Isis are dead.

Fret: Merc working with Grey and older brother of Josh.

Gray: Merc leader who joins Jack and Isis on the rescue mission to save Juwanda, and then betrays Isis to Treewrich for the bounty.

Herlioni: Zhodani merc working with Gray who helps Isis learn more about her telepathy.

Jack Turner: The captain of the DUCHESS and the BRANDED (renamed LIGHTFOOT, renamed RIM RUNNER). He and Isis have an casual romantic relationship. They tend to get each other in trouble. He is also a telepath.

Jinny: The Sensor/Comm Op on the PARABUS. She later steals the Grimola and is on the run from Baron Treewrich.

Johnathan Pope: A bounty hunter who chased Isis on Catania, then kidnapped Juwanda and turned her over to Baron Treewrich.

Jolly: A merc who befriends Isis and gets her the gig on the STAR RAMMER. He later betrays her and in a fight to escape she threw a knife at him and it struck him in the face. Isis persumes he is dead.

Josh: a young merc from the LIGHTFOOT/ RIM RUNNER who becomes Toby's assistant engineer. He is also Fret's brother.

Juwanda: Isis' childhood friend from Ganesh. She is clairvoyant and for a short time was enslaved by Baron Treewrich.

Kent: Merc friend of Jolly's.

Lady Geriondsin: Isis served as her personal assistant aboard the PARABUS until she was poisoned. Isis helped to find her murderer.

Pitre: Merc friend of Jolly's.

Raginer: A Solomani merc working with Gray.

Toby: Engineer aboard LIGHTFOOT/ RIM RUNNER

Uli: crewmate and merc from the STAR RAMMER